In this website, I tried to show what I've been doing during previous years mostly in architectural field. My selection is aimed to show how I behave in the tasks having different typologies and scales designed by group of people or individually. The content includes one professional work, one competition work, one individual work and four academic works. The order of the works are not based on the date. Further than architectural works; to see the paintings, please visit www. or my portfolio. For video art, photography, digital art or the music, please click the "Other" section on the menu.To know about me, please click "About" section Thank you for taking the time to see my website. 

The purpose of any representative design (like a portfolio or a diagram) is not becoming an illustration itself but just showing the quality of the design and its aims in a honest manner by putting itself to the background silently. When the design requires more from its representation tool; then that tool can subtly become more than  helping the main purpose. A bad organitsation of the hierarchy between "how the story is told" and "how the design is created" could cause complications for the observer. But sometimes, the do-er has to know how to enjoy with the process of the expression. The balance comes from the value of the approach firstly, then the outcome.

  • Architect

  • Design

  • Painting


  • Turkey

  • Lombardia

  • Italy

  • Istanbul

  • Milano

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