Cuboid Parking

Professional Works & Competitions
1.Cuboid Parking​ -Arch. & Urban Advisor  (2019- 2022)
2.Piazzale Loreto (Circle Square) -Competition (2020)
3.Odakule Passage -Competition (2019)
4.Kocaeli Health Campus -Architect (2018)
5.Nigde State Hospital -Architect (2018)
6.Giresun Public Hospital -Architect (2017)
7.Bandırma Park (Tailored Grid) -Competition (2017)
8.Alacati Villas - Long-term Intern (2016)
9.Istanbul Private Hospital - Long-term Intern (2015)
10.Hadimkoy Industrial Site Masterplan - Long-term Intern (2015)


-Junior Advisor -Architecture & Urban  Planning, 07.2019 01.2022

-Professional Supervisors: Vanessa Sophie Schmitt, Rudolf Thorn

-Cuboid Parking develops and operates a European network of innovative parking facilities serving residents and businesses in urban neighborhoods.   

-As an Advisor, my job includes creating, collaborating, and controlling with 3rd parties in each design task, varying from first idea concepts to application details or urban planning approaches.   I contributed to several studies, including the facade design (started from the pilot site, it will be used in 6 different parking's in Milano), architectural and urban approach whose depth is further investigated through the Master's thesis, conceptual sketches, and drawings to enrich the functionality and the expression of the building's interior design and the application of the facade on the 1/1 mockup model made in the company's shed.

-" We appreciate reliable cooperation with landlords, and we keep in touch with local administration as well as politics regularly to identify, discuss and realize promising positions. We established partnerships with leading brands in retail as well as petrol companies, continuously broadening our network." -" Petrol stations, building gaps, undedicated public space or retail parking facilities matching our requirements may be considered for creating Cuboids." -" Wherever possible due to urban planning, we prefer taking parking to another level to create lean parking facilities - having a positive impact on the urban landscape and offering the most sustainable solution."

-" We rely on prefabricated concrete elements as well as an architecturally significant stainless-steel façade reducing light and noise emissions. Major construction efforts have been decreased to some weeks only. The façade might be supplemented by vertical gardens. Cuboids dimensions in height and width may vary."