-Bilgi Uni. - Arch402 - Graduation Project - Spring 2017


-Conservatory in intersection of areas concluding Taksim Square, Gezi Park and Maçka Valley


-How should a Threshold between an urban park and a main city square functions?


Tansel Korkmaz              Alişan Çırakoğlu

-Grade: A

For graduation project, we asked to design a conservatory dedicated to ecucation of music, dance and theatre ; located among Taksim Square - Gezi Park, beside AKM and in the beginning of Maçka Valley. AKM  is first opera building in whole country but now it’ s abandoned since decade of years. Although, Gezi Park was subject of  a environmentalist - political movement of Turkey made by young generation in 2013. Now even if the park is open, locals doesn’t prefer to spent time at park because of dangereous homeless population who lives there. In addition of these, Maçka Valley was also biggest  park in the city around 60's after Prost Plan but it is unused today because of private buildings -like hotels mostly- which divides whole area by its frontiers.

After a durable urban analysis to most problematical and memorable area of city, according to design brief; a future conservatory should unify whole area with energy of art and music, but most important decision to unify area with only one building could be possible to make if  we understand that  Project site is a critical location in urban scale because of being “bridge” between Taksim and Maçka.  So, desing and its every decision has to answer this urban scale problem with an urban flow using landscape organised for music events and Daily life needs. Additionnaly, landscape should feed each building with its functionality and also organise grade of site (12 meter) smoothly. One important section and silhouette drawing created essence of architectural decisions and then, whole details until 1/20 scale followed that essence.

Main Works

Exploded Axonometric Section

Exploded Axonometric Section


Master Plan 1/1000

Floor Plans 1/200




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