Future Car Parking Scenarios for Contemporary Milano

Politecnico di Milano, Architectural and Urban Design Masters Thesis, 2021

-Supervisor: Arian Heidari Afshari

-Rethinking of a smart and green city car parking network

Car parking is one of the main factors of urban life today, and it is a challenge for its residents because of the traffic, pollution, stress, and time required. Considering that our valuable sources channels through smart solutions for our cities with the technological innovations each day as a civilization; thinking of parking spaces as an advanced network from urban mobility to the automobile scale is crucial with its needs to accomplish such aims as energy efficiency, accessibility for all and coherence with more light mobility options for the wellness of the world. From cruising in streets to searching an empty spot, the parking act is starting to evolve into an experience where users can reserve a place to park with less effort. In the absence of a parking network that is smartly serving the city using instantaneous data, decarbonized autonomous electric vehicles are ineffective. The idea of efficiently storing 23-hour-immobile mobility instruments with off-street parking would reduce the traffic, produce more free/green space that we need not as a motorist but as person in the city, and also promotes green energy and urban farming units as a part of that network for a more desirable and healthy habitat. In that context, starting from an urban point of view, an architecture-scaled parking solution as a prototype with flexible parameters varying from the specific location will be what this research would like to conclude its discussion with the light of innovation and future needs.