​Born in İstanbul in 1994, Yiğit Özen graduated from Lycée Saint-Joseph (Istanbul) in 2013 and completed his BA degree studies in Architecture from "Istanbul Bilgi University." in 2017. While working one year at Ankara based hospital architecture firm named "Selda Gümüşdoğrayan Architects"; since September 2018; the design and art project, `decentralize*` has been started. 

Özen moved to Milano for his master's study in Architectural and Urban Design at "Politecnico di Milano." In July 2019, He started to work as an Architectural & Urban Junior Advisor at "Cuboid Parking." In 2021, he completed his thesis named `Future Car Parking Scenarios for Contemporary Milano,` which merges his experience and knowledge from Cuboid Parking's operational tasks with an academic approach. With his paintings, he attended four different exhibitions over Europe, 3 in Italy and 1 in Switzerland.

Today, Yigit Ozen (or decentralize*) works on architectural and design tasks in Europe and keeps building over web3 and metaverse mediums.

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