On the contrary to humans; with different natures,any shape can easly collabrate together in order to support them and be one along a dream or a task, even the type of support is something called “fight”. A beautiful composition consists a wide range of elements from different dna basis and even if there’s a lot of complexity and contradiction in each individual; a good creature is the one that can be still look like one-whole by having its joints made with love as well as without judgement, and again it is the one that can fit in and adabt to the others. It doesn’t matter if the subject is a chair or a garden or a wolf-pack or a body or a toothbrush or a package load of coffee beans; its completeness comes from its politeness of wish to find a balance with all existence and its love of each towards each other. Irrevelantly, as a leaf of a tree, if you look for another leaf completely identical with you in order to share exact same pleasures that you have and exact same hate that you have for the unidentical ones, you’re just an another mistake of a brush on the canvas. Although, It is pretty controversial act for a thing to house an endavour of healing everything with a notr perception and finding its balance from that endavour. And after all that, maybe a random chair can be an example of those bunch of intentions. A scultural example projects those intentions while having the abilty to exist even in a empty room an to define it at same time. Maybe it’s an unaffordable dream but when it lies around the space like a woman-like creature from oceans with its fresh attitude consist of oldish materials, it could work like a projection of an utopia as a reminder to the ones that strains their fleshs to share and to collabrate.