MANTOVA AROUND                                                                                                       full pdf

-4th semester Final Project-  Spring 2019-20

-A New Tourism Belt

-Intervention of Selected Abandoned Sites Around Mantova considering Agri-Touristic Gems of Po River

-Proferssors:Laura Cipriani, Mina Akhavan, Alisia Tognon  Collabrators: Matteo Puglisi, Eleftheria Exarchou, Francesca Suaria, Irene Manzini Ceinar

-Group Members: Ozlem Yazgan, Cecilia Bautista

-Grade: 27

The area given for the studio to pick our site was a huge area including Pavia, Cremona, Lodi, Modena, Parma, Piecenza and Reggio Emilia; basically the border zone between Lombardia and Emilia Romagna whose economical and cultural activities are very connected to Po River. Once the analysis related to the topic "Landscape of Economies" are made by using ISTAT datas and also referring academical researches; besides its numorous facilities of Agri-Tourism; Mantova was the city with a lot of abandoned buildings as farms (mostly) or  an important ex-industrial site in the center and also the city with less touristic activities related to the Po River. The location of the city is becomes more important with the fast mobility connections of highway or trains. 

Between Mantova and Po River,  a slow mobility based triangular belt  is designed with 3 different main charactestics such as food-tourism, (proximity to Po river), slow-tourism (related with agricultural landscapes) and art&culture ( on Mincio Reserve Park). The existing abandoned sites on the triangular Belt are re-designed with a new function related to the character that the Belt's part has. Regarding to its location and local features, site A is selected as epicenter of the belt and re-treated as a Bike Hostel + Urban Agriculture area. Second site is designed as a Agricultural Lab serving to gasto-tourism; for the last site whose relation is based on semi-nihilistic agricultural landscape context, the idea is to transform adandonned farmland to a stop point for bikers with a accomodation possibility like Air-bnb.