Master of "Architectural & Urban Design" at Politecnico di Milano (2018-2020)

1.Pre-Thesis (2020-current)

2.Mantova Around (Final Project 2019-20)

3.Synagogue Facility at Frankfurt,German (Fall 2019-20)

4.Documentation Center for the History of Facism (Spring 2018-19)

5.Preservation at Rho (Spring 2018-19)

6.School at Shirakawa-cho,Japan (Fall 2018-19)

7.Sport Facility at Cornerado (Fall 2018-19)

Bachelor of "Architecture" at Istanbul Bilgi University (2013-2017)

1.Dwelling into Threshold (Final Project 2017)

2.Utopia/Dystopia (Spring 2017)

3.Adaptive Re-Use (Fall 2017)

4.Urban Fabric (Spring 2016)

5.Tensegrity (Spring 2013)

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