Professional Works & Competitions
1.Cuboid Parking​ -Arch. & Urban Advisor  (2019- 2022)
2.Piazzale Loreto (Circle Square) -Competition (2020)

3.Odakule Passage -Competition (2019)
4.Kocaeli Health Campus -Architect (2018)
5.Nigde State Hospital -Architect (2018)
6.Giresun Public Hospital -Architect (2017)
7.Bandırma Park (Tailored Grid) -Competition (2017)
8.Alacati Villas - Long-term Intern (2016)
9.Istanbul Private Hospital - Long-term Intern (2015)
10.Hadimkoy Industrial Site Masterplan - Long-term Intern (2015)


-Passage at Istiklal Caddesi, Istanbul    -Designing one of the most important passages at the heart of Istanbul

-Competition, 2019              -Collaborators:   Fatma Sezgin, Deniz Agaoglu, Berfin Mollavelioglu 

"Istanbul Chamber of Industry Odakule Passage National Design Competition": contemporary, functional, and the innovative environment by reinterpreting the design field's publicity.

It is organized to be analyzed within the framework of its creation. Contest subject in particular: the promotion of fine arts, culture, arts, science, and environmental values through competition. It is aimed to provide a suitable environment for the development of related professions. The subject of the competition is the reorganization of the passage that connects the Istanbul Chamber of Industry, Odakule Building with the Constitutional and Istiklal Streets, in a way that allows new ideas and industry to meet with art and design in line with contemporary urban living conditions. The field of competition aims to develop industry-oriented proposals, point out the importance of production culture and domestic production, and support the deep-rooted history and corporate identity of the Istanbul Chamber of Industry with a unique perspective. In the Odakule Passage design, it is expected that creative ideas related to the Odakule Building and its surroundings, designed by Architect Kaya Tecimen, which is an essential part of our 20th-century modern architectural heritage, will be produced under the industrial phenomenon. The contributions of the passages on Istiklal Street, which is the most critical backbone of the city's pedestrian traffic, on the identity of the region in the historical process should be taken into consideration. The design process that the commercial area's function is located on the ground level in the competition area will continue in its current form. The artworks of Atilla Onaran, "Göktası" and Salih Acar's "Migratory Birds," located on the Istiklal Street side of the passage, are preserved and expected to be integrated with the recommendations.

While the proposal brings the inspiration from industrialism as a material and its recursiveness, the linearity of the passage has been enhanced by steel-framing it with a rhythm derived from the existing building and re-deciphered with a new frequency to underline the dynamic flow of the permeability through the passage. The feature of framing evolves to different furniture each time depending on the need of the space.