All photos were taken by Olympus OM II.


    I found that old friend in my father's garage and this moment was so weird because nobody ever touched it until my search into "garbage." So, this machine jumped into a wormhole between 1975, Hong Kong and 2016, Istanbul. 

    Now, I use my old buddy to kill moments and mimics, like an old musket (colored night blue). Alors, here is some evidence and corpses left from my murders of now.


All photos taken with          Canon EOS 6D / EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM.

After I used my analog friend, I started to explore the moment with my digital friend. After all, it was comfortable and quick. Digital machines are more professional. A shooter can experience knowledge of light and movements values in every scene through viseur in seconds or 32 Gb sd card can take tons of photographs not like films that only can take 36. But this kills the spirit.  Anyway, I'll keep killing objects through a vast and technological lens.