Circle Square

Professional Works & Competitions
1.Cuboid Parking​ -Arch. & Urban Advisor  (2019- 2022)
2.Piazzale Loreto (Circle Square) -Competition (2020)

3.Odakule Passage -Competition (2019)
4.Kocaeli Health Campus -Architect (2018)
5.Nigde State Hospital -Architect (2018)
6.Giresun Public Hospital -Architect (2017)
7.Bandırma Park (Tailored Grid) -Competition (2017)
8.Alacati Villas - Long-term Intern (2016)
9.Istanbul Private Hospital - Long-term Intern (2015)
10.Hadimkoy Industrial Site Masterplan - Long-term Intern (2015)


Competition Project   2020   / Individual 

-Scale: Urban  -Detail: Concept 

-A complex made for sports and urban agriculture while having car parking at its ground floor connected to the main avenues of the city -Re-inventing Cities 2030

Piazzale Loreto is a vital square for Milano, both for today and the past. It is a cross point of Corso Buenos Aires (shopping district), Viale Monza, Via Padova, Viale Andrea Doria, Viale Brianza, and Viale Abruzzi. The location is between Centrale, Citta Studi, Lambrate, and Porta Venezia. The main road to go to the north is passing from here, and the first metro line Red. The piazza is serving for cars and pedestrians whose experience is quite bad in the sense of green space and the noise caused by vehicles. With this proposal, the main aim is to create a circular and closed ecosystem in the middle of the piazza for serving the pedestrians with its sports and the green spaces (including urban agriculture lands) without decreasing the car traffic efficiency of the piazza. In reverse, the car parking spaces are mostly dominating the streets connected to the piazza, so offering the ground floor of the complex to the car parking creates advantages of freeing the roads from car parking, which is an opportunity for having more free space in streets for the service of green space and more wide pedestrian ways. Further, the complex is connected to the streets with walking and cycling bridges with plants' features. In that sense, as a metaphor, the proposal resembles a green virus that attacks and spreads to the grey areas; even the complex has a concrete-look, it is conquered by nature and the piazza and the neighborhood.