1st semester - Didactic Studio - Fall 2018-19

-A new learning place for Shirakawa-Cho, Gifu Prefecture, Japan

-Proferssors: prof. Luca Maria Francesco Fabris, Prof. Rajendra Singh Adhikari

-Group Members:  Mario Fondeur, Alexander Guzman, Enzo Nercolini

-Grade: 28

The request is to provide an education facility in the heart of Shirakawa-cho, a village that has struggled in the past years with fleeing youth that seeks a future in the nearby big cities, while conceiving a potential future of positive vhange for the community.  

Conditions: A significant amount of the village’s houses is currently abandonned and in a state of decayç Housing demand is not enough to solve the growing blight. Students attending the future school will need accomodation.

Our proposal was defined around the concept of strenghtening existing relationships between the houses and the network of streers, pathways and roads. The presence of the river also plays a major role in the site choice, as it it our belief that the village could benefir from a more close connection to the waterscape.

We propose the conncetion of both sides of the village through a bridge, and the landscaping of the banks to allow for leisure activities to develop on the edges. Our imagination points us towards Kyoto’s Kamo river and its buzzing urban life.