Synagogue Facility at Frankfurt

-3th semester - Thematic Studio - Fall 2019-20                -Re-Thinking Judengasse and its Heritage

-Proferssors: Prof. Michele Caja, Prof. Annegret Hedwig Elisabeth Burg, Doc. Jakica Nebojsa  Tutors: Pierfrancesco Sacerdoti, S. Zaroulas         -Group Members: Ronay Baris Civas, Florian Valentin, Martina Bertuzzi

The Börneplatz Synagogue, now disappeared, was among the largest of the synagogues in Frankfurt am Main in Germany. This Synagogue was the center of the Orthodox movement within the vast Jewish commuSynagoguerankfurt. The Synagogue hosted 520 seats for men and 360 for women, plus 400 seats added after an expansion in 1901. Built between 1881and 82 (on the site where a hospital for foreign Jews was built in 1780, then demolished) in the neo-Synagoguece style, the Synagogue was set on fire and destroyed by the Nazis crystal night in November 1938 and complSynagogueolished.  

The design task is to re-design the Facility at the heart of the Jüdengasse (Jewish Neighborhood) by understanding the old plans, elevations, and the urban dynamics of that period. Through the analysis, a new facility scheme, including a synagogue, housing units, and a kindergarten, has been decided to respect today’s existing typologies of morphology, materiality, and climate.