-Spring 2017


-Idea of a certain grid customized according to the needs of both the client brief and the physical nature


-Team:  Levent Özrüh        

           Yiğit Ergeçen    

                   Zeynep Tümertekin

-I didn't attend to design process; my participation of this project was give help to visualisation of .dwg and .3dm materials to final  .pdf's

Daha Fazla Göster

Our proposal for the Bandırma Park Competition is conceptualised around the idea of a certain grid which is customized according to the needs of both the client brief and the  physical nature of the site and its surrounding context. While the grid creates strong  interconnection within our present proposal, it also invites future developments and speculations to take place without breaking the overall harmonyof the site. Such coherence is not only crucial for the formal language but also for the mundane, daily and initiative experience that visitors will have as they navigate through the park. This is achieved by means of a sophisticated manipulation that causes the grid to warp around certain anchor points on it. The main anchor point is the center of the Design Institute which causes the main warp on the overall grid that sits on the site. Other buildings also create their own unique warping manipulations to invite guestsnearby. Their individual radii of attraction are according to the significance they are attributed to within the system. This breaks the conventional logic of hierarchy according to the size of the elements. The overall scheme rejects a shopping mall or alike proposition to satisfy the retail needs but instead distributes the retail around center-west of the site, envisioning an overall and coherent   experience of a park. As an initial phase we propose a considerate conversion of the existing ruins with extensions of light materials as well as creating brand new building clusters on the west and south of the ruin zone. Landscape is taken into account as a live, growing concept and it is acknowledged from the beginning that a certain level of strategy has to be implied in placing various elements of it throughout the site as it will expand outwards in time. Our position is to generate a system which seems regulated to the grid but as time goes by will adapt back to natures beautiful interweaving.



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