Dwelling into Threshold

 -Bilgi Uni. - Arch402 - Graduation Project - Spring 2017

-Conservatory in the intersection of areas concluding Taksim Square, Gezi Park, and Maçka Valley

-How should a Threshold between an urban park and a principal city square function?

-Advisors: Tansel Korkmaz &  Alişan Çırakoğlu

We were asked to design a conservatory dedicated to music, dance, and theatre; located among Taksim Square - Gezi Park, beside AKM(Ataturk Cultural Center) and at the beginning of Maçka Valley. AKM  is the first opera building in the country, but now it's abandoned for decades. Although, Gezi Park was the subject of an environmentalist-political movement of Turkey made by the young generation in 2013. Now even if the park is open, locals don't prefer to spend time at the park because of the dangerous homeless population. In addition to these, Maçka Valley was also the biggest park in the city around the '60s after Prost Plan. Still, it is unused today because of private buildings -like hotels mostly- which divide the whole area by its frontiers.

After an urban analysis aimed to meddle with the most problematical and memorable area of the city, by considering the design brief, a future conservatory has to bring a reintegrative space quality for unconnected urban islands and the users with a wide span. During the process, by responding smoothly to the 12-meter graded landscape of the site, a series of design solutions in various scales are organized carefully as buildings or as its purpose of being a home for culture and its education. 

Exploded Axonometric Section