Tensegrity Pavillion

-Arch101 Spring 2014  - A pavilion with its own structure

-Tensegrity / Material Performance    -Advisors: Şebnem Yalınay &   Caner Bilgin

"My objective is to design a space that nobody else can come up with while using the material that anyone can use." - T. Ando

Our team with 12 people worked for 6 months to complete our first year of architecture education based on Basic Design, which began with understanding Malevich compositions and terminated with constructing a pavilion based on material performance. We searched aesthetical qualities in daily and recyclable materials. The sophistication of our design comes from technic which allows us to organize basic materials in a poetic way. Using metal wires, every wooden stick – changing lengths from 50cm to 2.5 m- is connected to each other without any touch. So, we constructed a pavilion 3 meters long with a 3x5x3m footprint which has 3 touching areas to the ground.