-Spring 2016 - Arch302

-Public Housing Project for 2500 person

-Mixed-Use Programs (including Kindergarten - Sport Center) and Urban Parks for Local Housings in Kozyatağı, İstanbul

-Advisors: Devrim Çimen, İdil Erkol ,Cansu Cürgen

-Grade: A

In Kozyatağı, Istanbul, the main purpose was to design a housing complex and its multi-use sub-rise buildings like a kindergarten or fitness center for 2500 people. At first, we observe an enormous lack of green spaces and a high concentration of buildings separately in urban scale changing levels from 6 to 12. Project site was 7 hectar and in this kind of big scale, designing housing units for 2500 person and public spaces for both residents and locals of area has to get rid of area’s accumulation by using landscape smartly. So design started by design landscape with its grades variating from 10 meter and its green spaces that city needs. In that time, building’s mission was to define each separate part of l andscape and to organise them to work all in one manner. So, a super-block’s curved lines created a solid work including void proportions to serve residents as a public space in each level and to make a this giant block’s effect more lightweighter. Housing block’s mutant levels designed to be coherent with changeable silhouette of area’s buildings.7 type of housing unit designed in section and plan  in order to hatch diagramatic section and curved gridal plan for making them compatible with each other.  Between Kozyatağı and what Kozyatağı has for final design of this project, design created a contrast in both human-scale and urban scale. This conflict’s core values grown out of area’s intolerable daily qualities which shapes residents psychology based on grey and tall buildings. Solution was grey and tall too, but organised in architectural way.